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Alutiiq Online

It has never been easier to access Alutiiq traditions online. There are many web resources that can help you connect with Alutiiq culture, language and history. It has never been easier to access Alutiiq traditions online. There are many web resources that can help you connect with Alutiiq culture, language and history.

Alutiiq Education Website – 
A clearinghouse of information for educators featuring: 

  • Alutiiq core values
  • Alutiiq cultural history
  • Storytelling
  • Bibliography with downloadable resources 

 Alutiiq Language Website - 
Resources for Alutiiq language learners featuring:  

  • Dictionary of Alutiiq terms
  • Word lists linked to audio files
  • K-5 Elementary curriculum lessons
  • Songs
  • Storybooks & workbooks
  • Teaching & learning resources 

AlutiiqOnlinePageAlutiiq Word of the Week
Sign up for our weekly lessons on all things Alutiiq. Each lesson examines a cultural topic with an Alutiiq word, sentence, and photograph. Lessons can be delivered by email and we post them on the museum’s website with a recording of an Alutiiq speaker. 
All lesson are available in our searchable online archive.

The Alutiiq Word of the Week is also podcast. Subscribe for free on iTunes.

Contemporary Exhibit

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Artist Four

Artist Four
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Artist Five

Artist Five

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Artist Six

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The Alutiiq Museum preserves and shares the heritage and culture of the Alutiiq people.

Herman Squartsoff teaches a child to light an oil lamp.

Our Vision

Celebrating heritage through living culture.

Our Strategy

The Alutiiq Museum’s work spans the globe, but we have a deep commitment to the Kodiak Archipelago–the museum’s home and the geographic center of the Alutiiq world. We work diligently to involve people of all heritages in educational programming and original research–archaeological studies, language documentation, and collections investigations. By engaging everyone in the celebration of Alutiiq heritage, we reduce cultural isolation, reawaken cultural traditions, build intergenerational ties that broaden cultural understanding, and create a welcoming environment for discovery. We believe that rekindling cultural traditions also depends on the commitment and involvement of community organizations, agency partners, and supporters like you.

Download our mission, vision, and strategy statement.

Our Policies

The Alutiiq Museum is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of museum practice and to advancing professional standards in the museum field. Many of our policies can be found on this web site. For more information on our guiding documents, please contact Executive Director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 844-425-8844.

Learning to Innovate

Since 2015, the Alutiiq Mueum has been a member of New Pathways Alaska, a cohort of arts organizations learning to identify their challenges and address them in new and inovative ways.  This video chronicles our journey in the program.  It was produced by EmcArts with support from Rasmuson Foundation.