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Education Boxes

Bring Alutiiq culture to your classroom by checking out one of our Education Boxes.  Each comes complete with a lesson plan and materials designed to explore Alutiiq heritage.


Informative videos covering a variety of topics, including our annual Fall Lecture series are available online.

Alutiiq Cultural Education Handbook

This 68-page booklet combines cultural information, reference materials, lesson plans, and guidance on best practices. Assembled with support from The CIRI Foundation. Download a Free Copy.

Alutiiq Education Website

The Alutiiq Education Website is a clearning house of  materials designed for educators, families, and students of all ages to gain access to information and learning


Animal Masks
Paper Ceremonial Masks
Animal Ornaments
Hunting Hat Ornaments

Alutiiq Language Website

Visit for many helpful resources on sharing the alutiiq language.



This Alutiiq Museum produced this series of one page lessons to answer some of the most common questions asked by our visitors.  Download lesson copies here or purchase Alutiiq Traditions, a paperback booklet of all the lessson through our Museum Store.

History Subsistence Community Festival Art
Archaeology Environment Alutiiq Nation Alutiiq Universe Colors
Ancient Cultures Alutiiq Year Alutiiq People Drums Bending Wood
Petroglyphs Bears Villages Masks Carving
Natural Disasters Birds Houses Lamp Graphic Arts
Conquest Fishing Marriage Songs Sewing
Map Otters Social Classes Stories Weaving
Stereotypes Plants Two-Spirits Games Slate Grinding
  Reindeer Herders Warfare Clothing Talking Rocks
  Whaling Language Headdress Ulus
  Kayaks Values Beads  
  Open Boats Men's Ways    
  Hunting Hat Women's Ways