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EdBoxesSmBring Alutiiq culture to your classroom, camp, program, or event with our traveling education boxes. Each box explores Alutiiq heritage with hands-on activities that can be adjusted for many ages. Each box comes in a sturdy case, easy to ship

Anyone may check out an education box for up to two weeks. There is no charge to use the materials.  If shipping is needed, the museum pays the outbound shipping, and the borrower pays to ship the box back.  Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve a box.

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Boxes Available

Alutiiq Animals - Includes beanie babies representing local animals, flash cards, bingo game, ideas for classroom games and activities that teach Alutiiq animal vocabulary and basic verbs, a sheet listing online resources and suggested animal related Alutiiq songs.

Alutiiq Subsistence - Includes samples of fur, bone, tooth, stone, spruce root, and other natural resources harvested and used by Alutiiq people. Also contains a folder of educational handouts about whaling, animals, and plants, as well as a Wild Foods Cookbook, and the Traditional Food Guide that lists nutritional values for traditional native foods.

Alutiiq Stories and Games - Includes skill toys used by girls and boys, Augca'aq sets (darts), kakangaq discs (throwing discs, a set of maqaq (dice), tally sticks, instructions for other games, and folders with Tales from Kodiak collected by Frank Golder.

Petroglyph Interactive - Includes petroglyph stamps and clay tablets for rubbings, The Cape Alitak Petroglyphs book, informational handouts, and link to website videos about Kodiak rock art.

Saving our Alutiiq Language - Includes interactive language learning tools (doll board game, flash cards), as well as audio and video resources, an Alutiiq dictionary, and a list of on line resources.

Saving our Dance - Includes Rattle, CD of Alutiiq Music, dance workshop DVD, Alutiiq mask publications, picture dictionary, and instructions for making beaded headdresses and dance belts.

Who Are the Alutiiq - Focuses on four core areas of Alutiiq life - homeland, language, customs, and history - and includes an interactive time line, audio taped Alutiiq vocabulary lessons, an account of a traditional ceremony, a sheet listing on line resources, and much more.

Developed with generous support from the Kodiak Island Borough School District and the US Coast Guard Officer's Spouses Association.