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Short Films

Learning to Innovate

Since 2015, the Alutiiq Mueum has been a member of New Pathways Alaska, a cohort of arts organizations learning to identify their challenges and address them in new and inovative ways.  This video chronicles our journey in the program.  It was produced by EmcArts with support from Rasmuson Foundation.


Fall Lecture Series 2016

From harvesting marine mammals and driftwood, to kayak building and waterproof stitching, our fall lecture series featured life at sea. Videos produced with support from the Institute for Museum and Library Services and the Kodiak Public Library.

Hunting at Sea

Lecture by Patrick Saltonstall, Alutiiq Museum archaeologist.


Angyaq Building

Lecture by Sven Haakanson, Burke Museum curator.


Kayak Covers

Lecture by Susan Malutin, Master Skin Sewer.


Learning about Open Boats

Lecture by CJ Christensen, Alutiiq Artist


Cold Water

Lecture by O'Brien Starr-Hollow, US Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer


Stewards of Heritage

Explore the value of archaeological sites and the issues that surround their care.
Produced with assistance from videographer Alf Pryor with support from the US Fish & Wildlife Service.

Please share these films.  Copies can be downloaded for free on the Alutiiq Museum's Vimeo Channel.