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Our Philosophy

Native peoples need a place to share, preserve, and perpetuate their cultures, where their unique voices can be heard.  Our educational programs tell the Alutiiq story to assist Alutiiqs in knowing their ancestral culture, examining their history, and expressing their identities. We combine Alutiiq and Western ways of teaching to create programs that do more than deliver information–they invite exploration and celebration.

Alutiiq dancers practicing a new performance as part of Dancing Forwards, an Alutiiq Museum project.

We believe that accurate knowledge of the past is essential to the health of modern communities. History is a resource that can help people confront difficult issues, engage in discussion, and consider many perspectives. Our educational programs work to provide an honest exploration of the forces that have shaped today’s Alutiiq culture, and they are open to everyone. We are committed to  creating respect and enthusiasm for Alutiiq culture among people of all heritage.