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This archive shares over 500 lessons, every one we've ever created!  The lessons are organized by English and Alutiiq words, and you can search by topic. Type a word into the search box above an every lesson with the word will appear in a list. Or browse lessons by a letter of the alphabet or in our list of categories.

Lesson Format

In some lesson, you will find multiple Alutiiq terms for an English word. If two Alutiiq words appear separated by a semicolon (;), both words are commonly used. Similarly, you may find two English words for one Alutiiq word. This means that the Alutiiq word has a dual meaning in English. There are also geographic differences in the use of Alutiiq words. In this archive, some Alutiiq words appear followed by (N) or (S). These are abbreviations for the northern (N) and southern (S) ways of speaking: differences within the Kodiak Alutiiq dialect. A few words appear with a village name. This shows that a word used island-wide has a variant used in a particular community. If two words appear without a note, word choice is a matter of individual preference.

Readers may also notice that Alutiiq words used in sentences are often spelled differently than when they appear alone. This is because Alutiiq speakers make new words by combining word parts. This system allows nouns to become verbs and verbs to become nouns, and changes spellings.

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