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Museum Website Launched - November 23, 2015

The Alutiiq Museum has a new look. With support from the City of Kodiak, the museum has replaced it familiar, well used website and created a new platform for accessing museum programs and Alutiiq traditions. A professional website designer helped the museum create the new interface, which launched today at

The project updates both the look and functionality of the website.

“Like many other resources, websites age,” said the museum’s Executive Director April Counceller. “Our content management system no longer supported the tools we wanted to use, and the site’s images and layout needed to be refreshed. The new site includes imbedded video, an events calendar, better search functions, easy mobile viewing, a live link to our popular Facebook feed, and an improved on line store. We are excited about the result. The site is part of a broader effort to enhance audience engagement with technology.”

The new website reflects almost a year of planning, design, and content development. Staff members worked as a team to outline the site’s sections and consider the information that users commonly request. To address the demand for cultural information, the site includes a section called “Learn” where visitors can explore extensive resources on the Alutiiq world.

“We’ve simplified the presentation and provided an entire section on Alutiiq culture and history,” said Counceller. “Visitors can read summaries, browse digital versions of popular exhibits, download lessons on cultural topics, and rapidly search about 500 past Alutiiq Word of the Week lessons.”

The site also has room for future tools. In 2016, the museum plans to add a virtual tour, interactive imaging of its gallery that will allow people far from Kodiak to see details of the museum’s displays.

The Alutiiq Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and sharing the history and culture of the Alutiiq, an Alaska Native tribal people. Representatives of Kodiak Alutiiq organizations govern the museum with funding from charitable contributions, memberships, grants, contracts, and sales.

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