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Caring for Archaeological Sites

Archaeological sites are a non-renewable resource. Once disturbed, the information they hold is lost forever. Since 1998, museum archaeologists have partnered with the US Fish & Wildlife Service to document the condition of archaeological sites in the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. With the help of 60 volunteers and families, our team has evaluated 580 sites through 1329 individual site visits. This represents about half of all the known sites in the archipelago! More importantly, monitoring by stewards and public education by the museum have slowed the rate of destructive, illegal site vandalism.

UyakStewardsSm Site stewards Brigid and Harry Dodge in Uyak Bay, 2014.

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Quyanaa to our 2015 Site Stewards

Suzanne Abraham, Joe Black, Andy Christofferson, Jennifer Culberston, Brigid and Harry Dodge, Ginger Duncan, Howard Golden and Crew, Marnie Leist, Mike Munsey and Family, Dan Ogg, Susan Payne, Patrick Saltonstall, Mark and Jack Withrow, Jeffery Woods, Mike Zweng

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