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Doug Inga

Medium: Carving, Drum Making

doug ingaBorn and raised in the Kodiak Alutiiq community of Old Harbor, Doug Inga spent his childhood making slate arrows like those used by his ancestors for seal hunting. As an adult, he became inspired by the artwork of Jacob Simeonoff and began carving. Today, much of his inspiration comes from books illustrating Alaska Native art and artifacts. A recent trip to France, to view the historic Pinart collection - 19th century masks from Kodiak, has also had a major impact on his work. Inga is particularly inspired by Alutiiq bowls, which he enjoys making. He hopes to perpetuate Alutiiq culture through his artwork.

Artist Gallery

doug inga bird mask
doug inga drum
doug inga whistler

Artist Contact Information

P.O. Box 50720
Big Lake, AK 99652