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June Pardue

Medium: Weaving, Skin Sewing

June PardueJune (Simeonoff) Pardue was born and raised in the Kodiak Island village of Old Harbor where she began weaving at age 15. The late Fedosia Inga, taught June’s mother, Sophia, to weave.  Sophia taught June.  Today June her husband, Charlie Pardue, teach their daughters and grandchildren their Native tradition of creating objects and artwork.

June prefers using beach rye for her Alutiiq grass baskets; however, she has experimented weaving with seal gut and willow and enjoys twine weaving in just about any medium. Her baskets have been showcased at various state fairs, winning ribbons and awards. She has baskets in permanent collections at the Alutiiq Museum, Baranof Museum, Sheldon Jackson Museum, and the Alaska Native Heritage Center.

June has demonstrated the fine art of weaving at New York’s United Nations and at the Smithsonian's Institute of Master Artist. She is also an accomplished skin sewer and has perfected the master art of water proof stitching sea mammal skin. June enjoys beading and creating tasteful jewelry, weaving and sewing. June was nomatinated as a “Cultural Bearer” at the Awaking Bear Festival in Kodiak.

Artist Gallery

finished open weave
in progress
square bottle 9 in high

Artist Contact Information

PO Box 502
Sutton, AK 99674


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