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Kathleen Skonberg

Medium: Wood Carving, Painting

Kathleen Skonberg has been painting images of the Alutiiq world for more than twenty years. She discovered her talent for graphic arts in high school, illustrating scenes of the landscape that she loves. She recently began to paint wooden objects, including paddles crafted by Danny Farsovich, and to explore carving. Inspiration for her work comes from the natural environment, traditional objects, and her own experiences.

Kathleen was born in Kodiak, Alaska and spent her childhood exploring the spruce forests of Ouzinkie in the Kodiak Archipelago and the coastal meadow of Chignik on the Alaska Peninsula. She is graduate of Kodiak High School. From 1999 - 2006, she worked for the Alutiiq Museum, where she cared for collections, designed exhibits, and assisted with archaeological field work. In 2000, Kathleen completed a summer internship in the collections department the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian, where she continued her education in the care of traditional objects. She enjoys outdoor activities, particularly sport fishing and hunting.

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