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Leona Haakanson-Crow


Medium: Beading (Headdresses, Baskets, and Spirit Pouches)

Artist, Leona Haakanson-Crow, daughter of Sven and Mary, was born and raised in the village of Old Harbor. She loves being a Native Artist, because it connects her to her Alutiiq heritage.

One such connection is through her beaded spirit pouches, as shown in the bottom left picture. She takes pride in each spirit pouch. The history of the Alutiiq Spirit Pouches has been passed down to Leona from her Elders and Ancestors. When the Alutiiq men went to sea in their "Kayaks" to hunt and fish, they would put soil and grass in their pouches, so they would be brought safely back to land. The Alutiiq women would place cranberries into their pouches, so they also would be brought safely back to their families. After the Russians came to Alaska, men and women often put Russian crosses, into their pouches.

These Spirit Pouches were originally made with the skin from land animals, grass or cedar from the driftwood, which began in the early 1700's. The base for is made with woven strips of cedar wood. This cedar wood component signifies cleansing.

Each bead color has a significant meaning. Some believe they define the individual wearer's inner traits and strengths. Others believe that they provide the wearer with power related to their meanings. Leona selects and uses each bead with special care for their meaning.

Brown: Earth Connections & Self Determination Green: Will
Yellow: Love Grey: Friendship & Knowledge
Purple: Healing & Gratitude Pink: Creativity
Orange: Feeling & Kinship Black: Harmony & Listening
Blue: Intuition White: Magnetism
Crystal Clear: Clarity & Focus Red: Faith
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P.O. Box 8567
Kodiak, AK 99615
(907) 486-5751
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