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Ronald Torsen

Medium: Wood Carving, Boat Building

Ron TorsenRonald Torsen is both a boat captain and a gifted wood worker. Captain Ron's latest pursuits have led him deep into his Alaskan Native heritage to create objects that are precious and significant to the people of the Alutiiq region.

Ron Torsen is an Alaskan Native. A Coast Guard licensed boat captain, his career spans some 50 years on the water, mostly in Alaska. In his semi-retirement, he is re-creating some of the boats he has always loved. Built from scratch, and to scale, these boats are individual works of art. Ron also carves objects reflecting his Alutiiq ancestry in wood and walrus ivory.

Ron has been married to artist Nancy Torsen for more than 30 years. Together they own the Fair Winds Studio in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

Artist Gallery

Torsen mask 1sm

Artist Contact Information

233 West Franklin Street
Nelsonville, OH 45764

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