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Vickie Era

Medium: Weaving

Vickie Alutiiq artist Vickie Era has been weaving, teaching weaving, and showing her artwork professionally for 13 years, although she began learning from her mother when she was quite young. Vickie has also studied under and worked with many of the Northwest master basket weavers from the Puyallup, Lummi, Makah, Quinault, Tlingit, Skokomish and Chehalis tribes.

Vickie's family was from the village of Katmai and relocated to Bristol Bay after the volcanic eruption of 1912 buried the village. Vickie’s mother, Anna, was an accomplished basket weaver and beader. Anna learned weaving growing up in a Missionary Boarding School and Orphanage at Unalaska in the Aleutians. That is where Anna met Benny Benson, the designer of the AlaskaState Flag. Benny later became Vickie’s stepfather.

Vickie uses many materials in her weaving. These include Western Red Cedar bark, Yellow Cedar bark, Spruce Root, Sweetgrass, Bear Grass, Beach Ryegrass, Wild Strawberry runners, Salmon skin, Fern, Seaweed, Raffia Grass, Ti leaves, Au Bark, Palm, Porcupine quills and beads.

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