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Beverly Roddy

Medium: Silver Jewelry

Beverly RoddyBeverly Roddy is an Alutiiq artist who works in metal to make jewelry.  A native of Kodiak Island, she has ties to both Ouzinkie and Kodiak and traces her ancestry through Tatiana Pestrikoff.  Her love of nature and art has led her to explore and celebrate petroglyphs as well as flora and fauna. Many of her jewelry designs incorporate solid silver replicas of leaves, blossoms, and twigs as well as starfish and shells. 

Beverly moved with her family to California before she began school but her early memories of Alaska include vivid conversations with elders and stomping happily in slushy snow.  She studied studio art but eventually pursued professions in education and theology. She taught biology and was later commissioned as a Navy Chaplain. She also served as a prison chaplain. After retirement, Beverly returned to art and began taking classes in precious metal clay and metalworking.

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