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Traditional Food Guide For The Alaska Native People

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Originally published in 2008, the ANTHC Cancer Program is releasing a second edition of the “Traditional Food Guide for Alaska Native People.” The guide contains nutritional information and preparation tips for wild Alaskan meats, fish, seafood and plants that are part of our Alaska Native cultures across the state. Our traditional foods are an important part of our cultural expression and, by extension, an important part of the healing process. Prior to publication of the guide, some health care providers were not familiar with the traditional foods and recommended that they not be eaten. Publication of the Traditional Food Guide not only benefits the health of our people, but is also a testament to the power of Native self-determination in our health care system.

The second edition of the Traditional Food Guide has been updated for everyone and to help people with chronic diseases like diabetes or heart disease learn more about nutrition and eat better foods. Guide is comprised of 168 color pages, measuring 8.5inches by 5.5 inches, spiral bound.