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Educational Boxes

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Bring Alutiiq culture to your classroom, camp, program, or event with our traveling education boxes. Each box explores an aspect of Alutiiq heritage with hands-on activities that can be adjusted for many ages. Materials come in a sturdy box with instructions.

Who are the Alutiiq? – Explore the Alutiiq homeland, language, customs, and history with this introductory box.

Subsistence – Examine pieces of fur, bone, tooth, stone, spruce root, and other natural resources to learn about Alutiiq harvesting activities.

Stories and Games – Play traditional games with darts, throwing disks, and die, and read traditional tales.

Saving our Alutiiq Language – Learn Alutiiq vocabulary with toys and games, audio and video resources, and an Alutiiq dictionary. No previous experience with the Alutiiq language needed.

Alutiiq Dance – Listen to Alutiiq music (CD), watch Alutiiq dancers (DVD), and make headdresses and dance rattles.

Petroglyphs – Use stamps and clay tablets to make petroglyph art.

Mask Box – Learn about Alutiiq masks and make miniature masks. This box has directions for carving masks from soap and for painting wooden masks.

Pililuki–Make Them!
– Explore Alutiiq graphic arts with drawing and coloring activities.

Educational Boxes
Plantlore – Alutiiq people use plants for food, fuel, material and medicine, learn how.

Reserve A Box
Anyone may check out an education box for up to two weeks. There is no charge to use the materials. If you need shipping, the museum pays the outbound shipping and the borrower pays to ship the box back. Borrowers are responsible for returning the box and its contents on time and in good condition. Use our online reservation form to reserve a box for use by your class.

Please complete this form to reserve one or more of our educational boxes. Your request will be sent to Lauren McCausland (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 844-425-8844) who will contact you to confirm the box is available and finalize your reservation.
Quyanaa–thank you.

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Note: museum pays outgoing shipping, borrower pays return shipping. Shipping is not available to people living on the Kodiak road system.