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Our exhibits tell the story of the Alutiiq people–from the distant past to the present day. Archaeological discoveries, Alutiiq language materials, photographs, objects, and artwork fill displays on history, subsistence practices, social life, and spirituality. We have both long-term and rotating displays.

Alutiiq Museum Exhibits

Wamwik–A Place to Play
Our youngest visitors explore with their hands our children’s corner. This replica of a traditional Alutiiq sod house transports children into the Alutiiq world with toys, puzzles, books, and animal puppets. This is a great place for smaller groups to sit and talk about their museum visit.

From driftwood and animal skins Alutiiq people created swift, reliable boats expertly designed for Kodiak’s windy waters. Historic and modern objects illustrate the gear essential for every paddler, including a 150-year-old Alutiiq kayak on loan from Harvard University.

Petroglyphs – Our Ancestors’ Writing
At the southern tip of Kodiak Island, Alutiiq ancestors carved their stories in stone.  Images of animals and people guard the storm-tossed entrance to the Alutiiq world at Cape Alitak and provide a glimpse of ancient Alutiiq life. Visitors can make rubbings of replica petroglyphs.

Pililuki – Make Them! (until January 2019)
Explore the ways Alutiiq ancestors made and used pictures in our exhibit on Alutiiq graphic art.  Then make your own artwork inspired by Alutiiq traditions. Visitors can color visors and headdresses, create an incised pebble, and draw family stories. 

Cameras Welcome! 
We encourage guests to take pictures in front of our Pililuki photo wall and post to social media: #AlutiiqMuseum, #AlutiiqEverywhere.

Online Exhibit
Browse past exhibits on our website.