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Gallery Activities

Educational groups can participate in a gallery activity upon request. Please schedule in advance.

Find it!
Encourage your students to learn from exhibits with a scavenger hunt. We’ll provide pencils, clip boards, and clues that lead students through our displays to answer questions about Alutiiq culture. True or False–both men and women in Alutiiq society knew how to sew?  Find the answer in our kayak display.

Touch It!
We have a selection of prehistoric artifacts that can be respectfully handled. Students can learn about Alutiiq technology and manufacturing by examining stone and bone objects from ancestral settlements.  Our experts will explain the tools and their uses.

Watch It!
Our short videos (4 to 8 minutes each) teach visitors about rock art, wild foods, Alutiiq dance, archaeological sites, and other topics with the help of Alutiiq culture bearers. Our videos are also available on the Alutiiq Museum Vimeo channel

Behind the Scenes
Educational groups can also tour our laboratory and collections storage room. Behind the scenes visits help students learn about museums. What is a museum? How do museums care for objects? Why are museums important? We can explore these questions together.

Alutiiq Museum Behind the Scenes