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The Alutiiq Museum works to involve all people in the exploration and celebration of Alutiiq heritage by removing barriers to participation and promoting inclusion. The Alutiiq Center, which houses the museum, was built in 1995 to meet state and federal standards for accessibility in new construction. Features include well signed handicapped parking spaces by the building's front doors, a ramp leading into the building, electronic door opening systems, doors, hallways and restrooms that can easily accommodate a wheelchair, and appropriate illumination.

Within our facility,  free standing exhibit cases allow patrons in wheelchairs to roll their knees under the case for closer viewing. For the visually impaired, we use large print font and professional gallery lighting. Please contact our Director of Operations (907-486-7004) with questions about accessibility, or to ask for assistance with a museum visit.

Old Harbor Elder and youth. Photograph courtesy Sven Haakanson, Jr.