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Archaeological Collections

The Alutiiq Museum cares for over 100,000 historic and prehistoric artifacts from archaeological surveys and excavations, their accompanying assemblages of animal remains, plant remains, and sediments samples, and related field notes, photographs and videos.

The majority of our archaeological collections come from the Kodiak Archipelago. These assemblages reflect all eras of as well as the complete span of Alutiiq history–from Kodiak's colonization 7,500 years ago to the American era.  Most are from scientifically conducted studies, including many led by the Alutiiq Museum.


Major Archaeological Site Collections

Afognak Artel
Aleut Town
Amak Site
Array Site
Blisky Site
Brunh Point Site
Cape Alitak Petroglyphs
Chirikof Island Sites
Horseshoe Cove
Karluk One
Karluk River Sites

Kashevaroff Site
Kumluk Site
Lighthouse Site
Mikt'sqaq Angayuk
Malina Creek
Monashka Bay
Nayurwik Site
Old Karluk

Outlet Site
Puyuk Site
Refuge Rock
Rice Ridge
Salmon Bend
Salonie Mound
Settlement Point
Tsunami Site
Twin Mounds
Uyak Site
Zaimka Mound

Karluk One

Six hundred years ago, Alutiiq people built a village at the mouth of Kodiak Island’s salmon-rich Karluk River.  Digging into the pebbled beach, they constructed houses from wood and sod. For centuries their descendants lived in the same place. As houses aged, residents built new structures over the old, creating a massive village.  Over the years, freshwater pooled behind the settlement. House remains acted like a sponge, absorbing the water and preserving many of the things people left behind.

From 1983–1995, the Alutiiq community joined archaeologists to study the village and found a breathtaking array of wood, bone, ivory, and fiber objects. Over six years, the Karluk One site yeilded roughly 26,000 objects, providing a rare view of prehistoric Alutiiq life and fueling the heritage movement. In 1995, the collection became a cornerstone of the newly founded Alutiiq Museum. A book by the museum, Kal'unek–From Karluk, features this stunning collection.

 Shaman's dolls from Karluk One

Wooden dolls from Karluk One. Koniag, Inc. Collection.