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Ethnographic Collections

The Alutiiq Museum’s ethnographic collections include objects manufactured in the historic period, objects collected from living persons, contemporary works of contemporary, and replicas of prehistoric artifacts.

 Historic Objects

The collection of recent and contemporary objects helps to tell the continuing story of the Alutiiq people and to illustrate the ties between the museum’s historic and prehistoric collections and the present.  These objects promote recognition and perpetuation of Alutiiq culture.

Copper kettle, gift of Larry Matfay
Copper kettle, gift of Larry Matfay

Contemporary Alutiiq Artwork

Contmeporary works of art are examples of living culture.  They exemplify Alutiiq identity in the modern world by uniting traditional techniques, forms, materials, or subjects with those of the twenty first century. They are symbolic of the modern Alutiiq experience. They also reflect efforts to reawaken Alutiiq traditions. They provide material evidence of community arts exploration fueled by the regional heritage movement.

Golden Crowned Sparrow by Lena Amason

Guidelines for Collecting Artwork
To assist the museum and its advisors with the collection of contemporary art, we developed guidelines for use in reviewing all potential art acquisitions.  These guidelines encourage artistic excellence, promote the recognition and perpetuation of Alutiiq traditions, foster professionalism, and insure impartiality in the selection process.  These guidelines may  be helpful to artists interested in contributing to the museum's collections.

Guidelines for reviewing contemporary works of art