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Interactive Digital Story Books

Eight digital story books produced with Native Village of Afognak that explore Alutiiq language and traditions with interactive features. Available as free apps on the iTunes store. Recommended for elementary school students.

PubPage1Kiagumuuq!–It is Summer!, by Candace Branson, illustrated by David Tucker

Uksumuuq!–It is Winter!, by Michael Bach, illustrated by David Tucker

Yaaki, a story about a girl and her dog, by Susan Malutin, illustrated by Hanna Sholl

Naken taitaartat alagnat?–Where do Berries Come From?, by Gayla Pederson, illustrated by Gloria Selby

Cestun lla et’a?–How is the Weather? by Gayla Pederson, Illustrated by Sandee Drabek

Ikuwitii–Golden Crown Sparrow, adapted by Kathy Nelson from a story told by John Pestrikoff, illustrated by Port Lions School students

Kaugya’angcum Qawanurtuwa, Small Fox’s Dream, by April Counceller, illustrated by Mary Ruskovich

Qateryuk–Ptarmigan an Alutiiq legend told by Candace Branson, illustrated by David Tucker (recommended for teens)

For Young Readers

PubPage2Uswitusqaq’s DreamUswitusqaq’s Dream
A shaman's dream, a journey by kayak, a hidden bay, sea otters, and an earthquake; these are the ingredients of this children's novel about Kodiak Island in the 1800s. The story follows Alutiiq boys on a journey of self-discovery, with descriptions of Kodiak's natural environment and details of Alutiiq culture and history.

Recommended for readers in grades 3 – 7. 

For Older Students

A 60-page paperback with one page answers to our visitors’ most common questions. A great introduction to the Alutiiq world, complete with information on where to learn more.  Download free lesson from this book.

PubPage4The Alutiiq Word of the Week – 15 Year Compilation
What is the origin of the word Kodiak? How do you bend wood to make a bowl? Why is it bad luck to speak about hunting bears? This paperback book has the answers and many more. Over 470 entries pair an Alutiiq word and with a short lesson.

Naut’staarpet–Our Plants, A Kodiak Alutiiq Plantlore, by Priscilla Russell
Explore Kodiak’s forest and meadows with this colorful guide to Alutiiq plant harvesting and use.

PubPage6Kal’unek–From Karluk
This history of Karluk village transports readers to the late prehistoric era, and examines village life with archaeological data, including pictures of Alutiiq objects and artwork.